Welcome Vegatis Digital Studio

Vegatis is Multimedia Studio that offer multiple digital images services like; Photo Editing, Photo Repair, Photo Retouch and Restoration, Product Photography and Graphic Design for advertising. We also have High Quality Photo Print Services for some customers which want an excellent quality photos of special occasions or memorable events. Vegatis is a branch of Glyms Studios which is an advertising agency specialize in Spanish Advertising for the United State Hispanic Market. We have more than 20 years of experience in Advertising and Creative Media Studio. Advertising and Product Photography are the oldest services that Vegatis / Glyms Studios has provide and now we are expanding our services to everybody offering a new variety of services to personal and commercial customers in United State of America and other Countries. If you need enhance, correct, repair, retouch and restoration or print your personal, family or commercial photo please take our specialized services in consideration.

Digital Photo Services

Vegatis digital photo services are classified in four categories; Photo Corrections, Photo Repair, Photo Retouch and Restoration , Photo Editing and Commercial Advertising (graphic design). Almost all photo fix needs are in this four categories. Commercial and Advertising Services: We can design from state-of-the-art banner and ads for your website to a effective advertising campaign. We make translation from English to Spanish for ads and advertising campaign.  We can translate your website, ads, FAQ, remake banners in case this language is part of your promotional and sales need. Spanish community is an important and profitable niche, reach them in Spanish is a more effective way to captivate this social group. Read More or Contact us for this service.

Basic Correction and Photo Printing

Image size, resolution, crop, color & multiple size photo print

Photo Retouch, Repair and Restoration

Restoring old photos, Fixing Photo deterioration, Portrait Retouch

Photo Editing & Manipulation

Photo Colorization, Illustrations, Fine Art Photography HDR Photos

Advertising and Corporate Image

Web & Networks Advertising. Corporate Image

Product Photography

photo retouch and restorationVegatis have his own photo studios in which product photography projects are developed. Our work area is in Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania, we also provide service to customers of all United States when their products are small and feasible for them to send them to our Studio. Customer must pay the costs of shipping both way. Vegatis does not retain products and we return between 24 to 72 hours after customer is satisfied and receive the products photos. Please Contact us for more information. Contact form click here  We will contact you in short time.

Note: The term Photo Retouch and Restoration is misunderstood and confused with photo editing. Photo Retouch and Restoration is totally oriente in correct imperfection and repair and create beauty to the photograph and fix deteriorations of old photograph or images. Photo Editing is more oriented to create effects, add or subtract subjects from the images. Well is simple while Photo retouch and restoration enhance the image without changing the compositions or subjects (unless is strictly necessary) Photo editing make better images adding, subtracting and creating effects.